Pets, especially dogs, give considerable enjoyment to their owners because of their capability to bond well with them. There are circumstances however, wherein a pet is taken into the custody of an animal shelter or rescue homes. This could result from change in financial or living arrangements, medical conditions afflicting the owner, or a lost pet. Whatever the case may be, rescue homes provide a safe haven for these pets and give a chance for potential owners to adopt them.

Australian shepherd or commonly known as Aussie is a popular dog breed because of their versatility and keen intelligence. Aside from being used for herding livestock, they are excellent companion dogs because of the loyalty they show to their owners. Characterized by a medium built, the usual colors for these breed are black, blue merle, liver, or a combination of two or three hues. Another striking trait of the Australian Shepherd is their split or bi-colored eyes. These dog breeds are best left in the hands of experienced dog owners because of their highly energetic nature.

Sadly as any other dog breeds that come in the care of a rescue organization, Aussies can sometimes fall in the hands of the wrong owners or end up being abandoned. Fortunately, Australian Shepherd rescue organizations with the efforts of volunteers are able to step in and find a suitable home for the dogs for a second time around.

Australian Shepherd rescue makes it a point to avoid unnecessary euthanasia that is administered in some local shelters in the event of overpopulation. The rescue organization can find a suitable owner for these dogs and the adoption process can be a beneficial option for their new owners because instead of undergoing the trouble of buying a puppy, Australian Shepherd rescue makes it possible for these owners to have a dog that’s already housebroken. It also can take some time before the owner gets to know the personality of a chosen pet. Adopting an adult Australian Shepherd is a wise choice especially if the owner does not have the necessary skills and patience to train a puppy.

It is also imperative that dog owners be educated enough to know that they are getting the right breed. This simple action can profoundly affect the decrease in number of Aussies ending up in Australian Shepherd rescue organizations. Just like any pets, these dogs after all, deserve a happy life that can be provided by a responsible and caring owner.